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At Carré Confiseries we hand pick every single last stick of gum in an effort to carry all of your favourite candy from all over the world.

Looking for some nostalgic candy?  We have Gold Mine Nugget Gum, Nik L Nip and Thrills gum, just to name a few.

Looking for British chocolate bars?  We have Curly Wurly (or Wig Wag as it’s usually referred to), Lion and Wispa along with many other varieties that have made the skip over the pond.

How about American chocolate bars?  We have Milky Way, Abba Zabba and Take 5 and many others that have crossed the border just to become your new favourites.

If black licorice is your thing we have Kookaburra from Australia, salty from Finland and Good and Plenty from the good old U.S.A

We have gummy hot peppers from Brazil, Haribo brand gummies from Germany and Hot Lips from right here in OH Canada.

We’re confident that we have everything you would want to satisfy your sweet tooth, or spoil someone else’s.  Come in and discover your new favourite!